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Monday, September 12, 2011

No time!!

Hey I had to write an extra long email to President this week about zone conference so I won't have as much time as usual! And first...well he might've already called but if he hasn't, Elder Zwick took your number when I met him here and said he wanted to talk with my parents...when I told him I was from Mt. Vernon Stake, he totally remembered being there to put in Pres. Dickson. We talked for a little bit about it and then he said he wanted to call you. So if someone calls and it sounds official from the church I wanted you to know that I'm fine! :) I know it would scare me to death if I didn't know someone was heads up! Zone conference was great! Very uplifting like usual! OH I was eating ceral the other day...and I bit into a rock...I'm sorry what am I saying? I can't bite into a rock cause it's a ROCK! No, what I can do is bite down really hard on some random rock that was in my cereal bowl...that is very possible! I was so scared I broke my tooth...I love Russia, but I would be on the first flight home before I went to the dentist! :) that last comment was only like 70% true ;) Thank you so much for the package! It was ggreat!!! I have already had some mashed potatoes and roast beef! :) So tomorrow will be different. We have a missionary coming to be with us for the day. SHe is getting ready to go to the MTC on Wednesday...she's from our mission...and she needs to be with people, so it's us! I'll be fun! WE take her to the airport Wednesday morning...little differnt! So we started a workout program today! Yep! True! We eat brownie mix and well...lets say we didn't want to wait until right before we came home to look good ;) I hurt so bad right now, but in a good way! Fun times! I think the best is actually trying to do the exercise! Not fun, and hilarious at the same time! Sorry it's short! I have to go! I love you all so much! Thanks for everything you do! Take Care
Sister wilson

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