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Monday, July 18, 2011

Crazy Week!!

Ok, so the space bar stinks so sorry about the grammar! And I hope I answer all your questions...there were a lot :) I still don't know about the traveling sister details...we were suppose to have a training last Saturday but our schecule was so packed with meetings that we couldn't...yeah I said that right...we had 20 meetings this week! And set two baptisimal dates for the 30th of July! Oh my gosh it was great! They are both so ready! One is a 20 year old guy and the other is like a 50 year old man...they are so ready it's crazy! This area is like bursting! Sis. Pitchforth has been in this area fro about 4 weeks now and she spent a lot of it inside because he comp was sick, so it was the first week we got out and really worked...12 new investigators, 2 baptisimal dates! Crazy! It's amazing that the Lord has this plan the whole time for someone,and then oneday a missionary calls from the area book andthere life is changed forever! It'sbeen a great week! Sis. Pitchforth is amazing! We have so much fun togather including eating an entire batch of brownie batter...yeah I did...and yeah it was good :) We wanted sugar but diddn't have time to bake the brownies! It was good! I wish I had more info for you but it's been just all about the work, notthe travelling part,which has been so great! I've never felt like this on my mission! We're always busy! I will write you about the investigators cause they have great stories! And you're right Dad, you won't ever baptize someone, you don't love! It's so true! Today we're hoping to have a normal relaxed pday! I have to get going! i love you all so much and next week for sure I'll have info...our training is on Wednesday so there you go! :) Thank you for all yourprayers and support! Take Care
Sister Wilson

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