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Mission Updates for Sister Brittany Wilson

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So...this might be a long one I'm not sure...SURPRISES! I got my first transfer call! Yep, Saturday evening the assistants called and said both of us received transfers...there are no longer two sets of missionaries in Komcomolcke, just Elders...and Sis. Quinn went to Saratov, and I am in SAMARA! I always wanted to serve in the actual city! I'm so excited! My new companion is Sis. Pitchforth...she is from Colorado and is so sweet! She is also someone I've always wanted to serve with! So I'm really excited!, I said there were surprises, plural. When the assistants called, E. Eyers said that I had a special and SIs. Pitchforth are travelling sisters. Yeah...we're not 100% sure what it all intails but each transfer we will travel to all the sisters in the mission...there are 4 other companionships besides us, and do exchanges. He said we will be going as representatives of Pres and SIs. Sartori, and we are meant to lift and inspire! So every week, we're guessing, except two, we will be travelling to different parts of the mission. I'm really excited and nervous!!:) We don't know how long it will's kinda a trial to see if it's effective, but we know it's for the next cycle. Transfers came early for sisters cause Sis. Lednova went home today with health problems. So yeah...I am in Samara, in the Besamancke branch. And E. Smith is my ZL again, at least till August when he goes it should be fun here! So yeah...I think that is all the big news! 8 months there are no change and then this! Keeps us on our toes! Today the ZL's called and want to take us to lunch, so we might find out moreinfo there...we don't know! But we have a meeting with the assistants this week so I'm assuming by next week I will have more details! Everything is so crazy was really hard to say goodbye to Sis. Quinn...we had fun together but it madeit easier cause we will see each other every cycle if I'm still a travelling sister...I don't really enjoy that title, it always reminds me of a travelling circus, but oh well. I have to get going! I'm sorry this is all I wrote s just been so crazy the last few days! But all is good! And I am doing good! So I will write more next week! I love you all! Take Care!
Sister Wilson

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