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Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Hey Everyone,
I can't believe that Christmas is this week! It doesn't seem like it's been that long since I left, and it's already almost 2011! Crazy how fast time goes by! So first off, I'm not exactly getting better at being on ice, but I have still not fallen yet! Slipped...yes...I'm glad Brandi isn't here to laugh at me, cause I almost did the splits the other day. But no, I have not actually fallen yet! It's only a matter of time! :) Mission Conference was last week and it was really good! I was able to meet a lot of the missionaries and also was able to have an interview with President Sartori. He's a really good man, definitely inspired! No the packages didn't come in time, but it's ok. I'm's ok. There were about 25 missionaries whose packages didn't come, and we were given packages of candy and food, mostly from America! And the best part, this is what an Elder told when the packages do come, you get a second Christmas! It really doesn't feel like Christmas yet though...not a bad thing either, it's just they don't celebrate it yet. We have, as a companionship, time set aside on New Years EVE/Day to celebrate instead, cause most likely we aren't allowed out on those days...drunk people....they ruin all the fun! Anyways, Dad to answer your question, we are allowed to track up until about 7-8pm, but we can't track certain places, and if we feel uncomforatble in any ways about a building, we're to leave immediately. It's not been bad at all....mostly entertaining! I did volunteer for teaching RS on the 30th of January and was wondering if you could copy and send me on a email the lesson from Gospel Principles? It's lesson 26 on Sacrificing. I can't read it all in Russian, and it would help to prepare if I knew what it was saying! :) We have a disctrict Christmas lunch this Firday after our meeting, and this Saturday we have a baptism in the afternoon and a Christmas program at night! Members celebrate it early for the missionaries is what I'm told. But yeah, our baptism got pushed back to this Saturday cause of work conflicts. It works though cause now we have a baptism on Christmas! Baptism, Christmas program, and then home to talk with you! It works for me! :) We were able to watch the 1st Presidency Devotional at Mission Conference, that was our party they told you about! It was relaly good! It helped to get into the Christmas spirit! Hey could you also if you have time, copy the lyrics to the White Christmas songs, from teh movie? Don't worry I'm allowed to sing them! :) Me and my companion want to have them for our Christmas party on New Years Eve, but I can't remember all the words! Speaking of songs...don't laugh, and if you do, I'll know! But I have to sing at the baptism this Sautrday! I know, it's not funny! It'll be me, my comp, and the two zone leaders singing in English, the Armies of Helaman/Sisters in Zion Melody. It should be entertaining considering I can't sing, one of the zone leaders is a Native Russian, and the other one doesn't know the song! Yeah, but they wanted us to sing something in English so they we go! We may also have to sing Silent Night in Sacrament later! Who knows....I hope not! We have a few othr investigators, but they are at a stopping point. They both want to be baptized but something is holding them back...I sent a letter explaining detials, last week! let me know when you get it. I don't know how long mail takes! I also sent Holly one to your house cause I didn't have her address! And Brandi, I sent your class one also, and you! :) Bryce, today I will get one out to you and Lacy! And the little ones! :) It's snowing hard right wasn't fun to walk in, but it's not too cold, still about -8 F so I won't complain! Yeah, I'm maturing, I said I won't complain about -8! :) You should be proud! I also think I have permanat blisters on my ankles...yeah I know, very ladylike, but I had to tell you! :) Well I better get going for now! I am so excited to talk with you this week! I don't see that there will be a problem with the card but if I don't call for some reson, just know I will! :) I've never called out of another country before! I love you all so much! Take care and have a great Christmas!
Love, Sister Wilson

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