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Monday, December 13, 2010


Hey Everyone,
I don't think I'll have any extra time this week to write, so I hope you don't mind me sending the same email to you all! :) Thank you so much for your emails! I only have a little time to look them over real quick, but I do get time to read them later! Best part of p-day! So....what's new this week...I don't remember what I write every week so sorry if I repeat anything! ICE...not my friend, it's always the enemy! I haven't actually fallen yet(people around me do all the time, and I always think, I'm so glad I don't have Brandi's sense of humor...she would be dying if you watched these people fall) but I know it'll happen eventually...there have been too many close calls! It's really not's still about -8F everyday but I'm used to's not getting colder which everyone said is really weird for the middle of December, but I'm ok with it! The sun has been out the last few days, so it's been pretty good! I did have my first America's not really a confronation, cause I didn't say anything, but wow did I want to. We were teaching a lesson to a little girl and her mom and the husband comes in and realizes I don't speak a lot of Russian, so he starts trying to speak English to me. He was understandble, probably about the same I am to them :) He was nice at first then, out of nowhere, he goes, "You from America? I no like your country. It big and not good country." I was like Oh I'm sorry you feel that way. He went on to tell me why my country is bad. I just sat there listening getting really upset. We finally left and he got all nice again. Oh I was fuming when I got out of there! I'm glad it was the last lesson for the night cause I wasn't being very spiritual! Sis. Tedrow said I'll get used to it around here. I hope I do and I hope I don't. But besides that and the meat jello, that's the only thing I don't like about my mission, so we're good! :) We have Mission Conference this week. We leave tomorrow really really early in the morning for Samara, and come back late Wednesday. The Christmas package won't make it in time, but really don't worry about it. It doesn't feel like Christmas, and they don't celebrate it here til January! Plus the only thing I want is to talk with you and I get to do that! I will be calling on the 25th at around 8:30-9pm my time. I don't know what time that is for you! Sorry! :) Let me know if that doesn't work out! The investigator I told you about last week, she is still getting baptized this Saturday! I'm so excited! It's been really fun to watch her understand and accept the gospel! It really does change people! I've been working a lot on my's a lot different than english, and I kinda pride myself on good least in english, so I've been working on it a lot cause Russians write almost completely in cursive! It's getting better! I still love reading the scriptures...I won't lie, there are some days that are less fun than others, but when that happens I just go to my scriptures, and there is a comfort there for me, that I haven't found anywhere else! I love it!! So I told you that I love chrch here, but my favorite part is Relief Society! The feeling is the same as at home! Different people, same feeling! So I decided as a goal for myself, to push myself to learn the language better, I'm volunteering to teach in Relief Society the end of January! There wasn't a place at home that I was more comfortable with, then teaching. So I thought, I feel that same comfort here, and I love all the women, and they love when I try to speak Russian, that it would be perfect! And they are always looking for teachers! So at home...I could prepare a lesson that day, here...give me a month and I'll come up with something! Sad...but I'm hoping it pushes me to be better! Sorry I don't have anything fun to tell you about! :) I'm doing good! My comp is doing better! The work is moving along! :) I hope you all are doing great! I love and miss you all so much! Take care of yourselves and I'll write next Monday!

Love, Sister Wilson
PS. to answer your questions mom, there is one native Russian in my district, and we do meet at the building for our meetings! :)

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