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Monday, November 29, 2010

Hi from Russia!!!:)

Ok, so where to start...first off I'm rather annoyed that every word I type they tell me is spelt wrong(it's a Russian keyboard). Anyways...yeah seriously where tp begin. First off, email me all you want! They can be long!!! :) I can print off the emails and read them at home so it won't take up my email time, so anyone can email me and I just print them off! It's fun! So don't worry about making the emails short. It is the best way to get ahold of me, and the addresses on the sheet at home work to, just takes longer. The one that goes to SLC is pouch mail only. So...Russia...I love it! I'm not trying to make things better than they are so don't worry! :) Yes, it's dirty, actually dirty is the understatement of the century, yes it stinks, another one of those understatements, but I love it! The people I've met, I love working with! No on ever smiles on the street, but I do! Ha ha! I'm suppose to, I'm a missionary! They all definitely know I'm American by looking at me! Some people find it entertaining while other people, well I'm pretty sure I've heard swear words (my comp won't tell me). But mostly I'm entertaining people! I bought some boots, and today I need to buy the rest of the stuff! Big coat with fur and the accessories! :) It's cold but not any colder than Idaho had been. It's getting colder but not unbearble yet. I've been promised it will come! One big thing here is snow! like the actual snowflakes are huge! I was studying and looked out the window and there were these huge white things the size of golf balls! I thought someone shredded a pillow! I asked Sis. Tedrow what that was....she politely replied, "That's snow Sis. Wilson. Welcome to Russia." Yeah, she's told every member we talk to that story! Oh well, it's funny, if it didn't happen to me, I'd tell it too! My companion, Sis. Tedrow is a lot of fun! She's a little sick right now, so that's not good, but we have so much fun together and she's very patient with my lack of Russian! Speaking of Russian stinks! When you told me on the phone I sounded like a Russian person, I'll be honest, I thought maybe I speak better than I think I do! lied! I stink at Russian! I hve no idea what people are saying to me! And I love when I don't understand, they say it slower and louder...cause that's going to help! :) They're just trying to help and the members all think it's funny, but they said they very much appreciate when and American comes over and is trying to learn the language! So they don't hate me! They just think I'm fun to listen to! And I got sniffed by one of them! They said I smell too clean so I must be an American! :) The food is amazing! I'm seriously going to get fat cause I realized this week I have no self control! Well I do, but not when it comes to breads and cheeses! And candy and chocolate! So yep, no self control! I have a strict exercise schedule every morning that no one thinks I'll keep after the first few weeks, but little do they know, how vain I actually am! :) j/k! They only thing I have hated is something Bro. Wood warned us about in the MTC. Meat jello! except its not like the good raspberry jello. No Russian jello is fat that they freeze for a long time till it turns gelatin and then they put left over meats in it. So picture floating meat chunks in clearish fat! Yeah, I had it last night! I'm not sure how I did that, but I did. The lady last time gave us so much food, I didn't think I would be able to walk home! But we walk everywhere which is good! Cause we eat all the time! So, what else is there? My apartment is good! A lot better than I was expecting! The elevator very much scares me. The other day we were going down and it stopped working for a few seconds, it was pitch dark in there too! Sis. Tedrow was like, "Oh my gosh. This is isn't good!" So yeah you can guess I handled that well! ;) j/k! It started in like a minute! But yeah they aren't nice elevators with music. They are about 4 feet wide so it's pretty stuffed with two of us in there, with local artists pictures all over(grafitti) with your selections of gum! And other things I don;t want to know what they are! But oh well! So in emails we aren't allowed to mention names of people, or specifics about our lessons, for obvious reasons, so when I get a chance to write a letter I'll talk more about the work. I don't want you to think I'm being lazy! I just can't write about's pretty specific what we can't do! So I don't think I've had any really bad moments...well except when I first heard a little like 4 year old kid talk in the Moscow airport. Yeah, he talked better than me. I think the elders around me thought I was going to cry! It was funny, but I was so tired, I just stared at the kid. Like seriously, you're 4! I don't even have the vocab of a 4 year old! Like I said, I entertain people! It was so hard to say goodbye to everyone at the different airports! But it had to be done, to get to this point! It's weird, in the MTC you imagine the field, but I never imagined this! It's not bad, it's just so different! But it's amazing how the Lord helps me! I can honesly say, He hasn't left my side the whole time! I don't know how I've been able to do all that we've done, with little to no sleep the first few days, major jet lag, and still be standing and happy! It's only cause of Him that it's possible! So I think the hardest part of the week was yesterday and Saturday. We were always around members so I met a lot of people,and I would bet half of them would try and speak english to me. I kept telling them I wanted to speak Russian but they ignored me! Sis. Tedrow said that I should just keep speaking russian as much as I can, cause what they want is for me to teach them English! Are you kidding me? I can barely say, I need to go to the bathroom, and they want me to teach them an entire language?! Yeah, I had a headache yesterday for sure! Cause I really wanted to speak English, but couldn't so I spoke Russian, which i also can't really do! Oh well, it'll get better! I think I've talked about everything that I can remember! I'll try to write more next time but my fingers can only go so fast when they are cold! And I also have to write my mission president...that's why I now have a hour for email! Again, write as much and as often as you want! it's the only mail, I know i'll get on a regular basis! And if you have a quesion you want me to answer, put it at the top of the email so I know to answer it that week! :) I hope that made sense! Well I better get going. Only a few minutes left! I love you all so much! Don't worry about me! I know we were all thinking...Russia...that's scary and I don't know if I want her going there! But it's not scary! I'm fine! Take care and I'll write next Monday!
Love, Sister Wilson

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