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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Less than a week!

Mom and Dad,
Ok, so before I go on about my week, I don't know if you got my travel plans that I sent out...I would think you'd get it today if you haven't already, but I leave Monday at that will be the time I'll be allowed to call probably is around 6-7am Utah time...Sorry it's so early, Brandi might want to spend the night that night! :) Just in case the plans don't come, I'm travelling with Elders Bahr, Morris, Windham, and Ortner, and Sis. Margolies. It'll be so much fun being with all of them! At least til Moscow then it's just me and my two travel buddies! :) Ok and before I go on...yep we had another apostle last Tues. Elder Bednar came! Four in a row...never happened at the MTC before! It was so exciting! He talked about the doctrine and how we can always find answers there! It was really good! Ok, so yep, I'm done to a week! Well less than a this pday is crazy busy trying to get everything done! I've been really good with not crying, when I think about leaving everyone but I have a feeling the floodgates are going to open soon! ;) Everyday gets harder and harder to say goodbye! I know I keep saying this, but the people I've met here, especially my district, are a part of my family! I really don't want to leave all of them, but I also really want to go to Russia, and since that's what the Lord wants, that's what I'll do! Dad, thank you so much for writing that letter! It was really encouraging to all of us! :) And thank you for the package! The food was amazing as always! They downed it again, and we sent out a card on Saturday! Thank you thank you for the jewelry! Both necklaces are perfect! Ok so for this week, just so you know, they've told us to let family and friends know about letters. Dear elders only come mon-fri, so if you want to write one, it has to be in by Fri at noon (Utah time) or I won't ever get it. Letters/packages still come on Sat but with those also, if it comes on Monday, they won't forward to me. It's really too much of a hassle for them, so I'm just passing it on! :) Thank you for all your letters! I love hearing from you and I'm not looking forward to not getting mail on a regular basis! Oh well! :) And starting next week, you can e-mail me! I can only write back to family as far as I'm aware but that's the best way for us to keep in contact! So, we are hosting new missionaries again tomorrow! Last week was a lot of fun! It's amazing to see how far we've come since that first day! Crazy that it's been 11 weeks! (tomorrow) Went by way too fast! I teach my last lesson tomorrow night! Well last one in the MTC...of course! :) It was also my last time at the temple for awhile, this morning. It was a good experience though. My district and the Ukranian district(the other older ones leaving with us) decided to go to the same session and eat together afterwards. But after the session, Elder Ortner came up to us and asked if we would quickly help him seal his mom to her parents, so we got to do that before eating. It was really amazing to do a session, than sealings! I'll miss the temple! I might get to go on VISA trips but there are no guarantees! I am so excited for Alex! I got a letter from him and Jordan and they both seem just so ready to go! They're going to both make great missionaries! I wish I had like funny stories for this week but it's really been more of an emotional week...with of course fun in there! After the travel plans came it was like, reality sunk in! Its great but also scary and sad at the same time! When I saw Moscow and Samara on my travel plans I just felt this weight! Not in a bad way, just like, "wow, I'm actually going to be there." But at the same time, our district all talked together and we all feel as ready as we're going to get. E. Bangerter said it perfectly..."We've become missionaries." I know it sounds wierd, but I got set apart as a missionary, but that doesn't make someone a missionary...not in the way I see it now. Over the last three months, the Lord has been molding us into what we need to be, to be His representative. That's what makes someone a missionary! And I'm scared to death thinking that I may not be ready, but I have to rely on the Lord that He'll take care of what I lack! You know better than anyone, that a mission was never an option for me. I never wanted to do it, so when the prompting came it was weird and hard to understand. But looking back now, this was the best decision I've made in my life. I am so proud of Alex and Jordan for making the same one! And honestly, tell anyone that is even thinking about it! Yeah there are hard days, and frustrating days, sad days and some even a little depressing! But those end up being the best days! That's when you come to rely on the Lord! That's when you realize what you're Savior had done for you! Those are the days that make you a missionary! So when the days come that are awesome and fun and great, life just couldn't get better! There's no such thing as a bad day in the mission, just a bad outlook! There are too many blessings all around us to not be able to find something to make us cheer up! :) Thank you again for everything you've done for me! You are both such great examples to me and to my district! They love you so much! :) I can't wait to talk with you on Monday! It'll be so fun! I love you both! Take care and I'll talk to you soon!

Love, CECTPA Wilson

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