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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

3rd week in a row!

Mom and Dad,
Yep, I'm serious, last Tuesday marked the third week in a row that an apostle came to the MTC! Elder M. Russell Ballard this time!! We were all so shocked! They can't remember three in a row ever happening...which to begin with we all thought, 'yeah we're pretty cool' then someone made the comment that maybe we "need" the apostles to our high horse only lasted a few seconds! :) But it was so amazing again to be in the presence of an apostle! And then Sunday night's fireside, Sheri Dew came! I love her! I read most of her books before and she is just as amazing in person! She talked a lot about knowing why we're here. That there's a reason for everything and that Heavenly Father will tell you why if you ask Him! It was a really good talk! And she's so funny! So yeah, we're making guesses on tonight's devotional...we know Elder Bednar is scheduled to come in November but we don't know when so who knows! Exciting! So, anyways...thank you so much for the package! My teeth are very happy with my toothbrush! :) It's sad I know, but it's one of those simple pleasures in life that I enjoy very much! And the Elders loved the food as always...they sent out another thank you card and this one was hilarious...there are some fun comments for you Dad! You should get it tomorrow! And I'm printing more pictures today but it'll take about a week to get them back cause they are backed up! So I won't send them out til probably next week! But they are so fun! we did get our temple walks back on a probationary last week we took most of our zone 'goodbye' pictures just in case we lose the temple trips before we leave. We'll take more as just a district before we leave though so it was good to get the zone ones out of the way! So we are going to be hosting for the new missionaries this week and probably next week! I get to help new sisters get settled into the MTC which I never thought would happen when I first got here but I have this place down now! After 9 weeks I better know my way around! :) It'll be fun! Ok so fun story, actually rather embarrassing but you'll find it funny I'm sure. Everyone else did. We were teaching our investigator last night(the one set for baptism) and we were teaching about temples, the word of wisdom, and of course everyone's favorite law...chastity. So I had to teach the chastity part and after all of the prep I did, I could not pronounce the russian word for was ridiculous! What's more ridiculous is that the word for chastity in Russian is like 5 miles long...but anyways, I totally butchered the word during the lesson, everything else went fine, but after when we were doing reviews, I could say it just fine! Not one problem with pronunciation! All the elders thought it was hilarious! And for the record, I can still say it this morning too! :) speaking of the language, yesterday started our two week countdown which means 100% Russian all the time! It's hard! But we get better at it each day! Maybe by the time we leave we'll be speaking 100% ;) That's so exciting about Alex's call! I would be going crazy having to wait to open it but he's more patient than I am! I'm so excited for him! So I hate to tell you this, but I'm not as mature as I was when I came in (no laughing). Some of our elders really like being the first one's in the cafeteria every meal time and they use my "sister power" to help them. so the last few weeks I've been trying to beat them to the front of the line but becasue they're more pushy than me, I've never one...well until this week! Ok so what the Elders call "sister power" is that most elders let the sisters go in front of them, take their trays, etc. MOST! So we were in line, and my elders were talking about how they were going to beat to the front again, and I was tired of losing, so I politely asked the elder in the front of the line if I could go in front of him. I explained that I had Elders in my district trying to beat me to the table and I'd never won or ever used my "sister power" before. He was laughing but he let me cut! :) I won! then the next meal, it was me, Elder noren, and Elder Bangerter in front when they opened the doors, and Elder Noren took off, so I had to kinda beat him...I did. When they caught up to me, Elder Bangerter said, "Sister Wilson, you ran to beat us in line! That's great! You're getting less mature by the day!" He was so happy about that! but to put you at ease...I'm not so immature....I just try to beat the elders in line at meals...other than that I'm very mature! ;) No seriously, the Elders in my district is what has been keeping me going! And Sis. Margolies of course! I'm not going to lie...this is so much harder than I imagined it would be! There are days that I sit in class and just think, how is this possible? but my district is always there to help each other! We've been such a strength when someone is struggling! Our teacher, Bro. Wood told us last week that he's been teaching Russian districts for 3 years, and this is the first one that he feels 100% confident in sending out to the field, and it was partly to do with how we are with each other! They really have become a part of my family and I can't imagine leaving them all in two weeks, not knowing if I'll ever see them again! But, it comes with the calling, I guess! On Sunday we had testimony meeting and our district always sits on the front row...the other three disticts know not to sit there! :) And everyone of us got up and bore our testimony! It was so great! And powerful! We've come so close together in just three months! I've never become so close with people so fast before but I know why! Because of what we're doing together! 24/7 we're in the service of our Heavenly Father, preparing with all our hearts to serve His children! This is hard! Every day is hard in one way or another, and when you go through and stuggle with each other in the way we do here, it would be almost impossible not to become a family....And I'm so so so grateful for my district! I know not all districts are like mine, so everyday it's one of the first things I thank my Father for! First comes all of you! :) Then comes them! And they love Sister Debbie! And the brag about Sister debbie to everyone in the hallway! So they're your family too! ;) My time is running out I have to get going! i love you all so much! take care and I'll write today! Love you!
Love, CECTPA Wilson
PS. I am much better! My ribs are back to normal...jusst a little cough left! :)

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