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Mission Updates for Sister Brittany Wilson

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Trip down to the MTC

Brittany and Brandi at the Provo Temple!!

Brittany and mom at the Provo temple.
Just walking around waiting....she was so excited!!

Brittany and Dad in front of the MTC:) No sign though!
It all under construction.....I told Brittany to find out whats being added;)

Packing up the last night, making sure she
has everything!!

Brittany and Brandi at SLC Temple!!

Bryce, Brittany and Brandi.....The kids:)

Brittany, dad and mom at Salt Lake City Temple!!
We spent a hours walking around before going to Provo.

Brittany is all prepared for her mission now!!
Well maybe alittle bit bigger bike but Kaylee didn't mind:)

Brittany and Kaylee!!
To cute:)

Brittany, Kaylee, Brandi and Ethan at Idaho Falls Temple!!
A nice Sunday walk on temple grounds!


Brittany with Kaylee and Ethan! We went to church in their home ward and we got to particpate in Primary with Ethan. First time for Brittany since she was in Primary herself:) She did GREAT holding the signs and singing!!

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