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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another Week Gone!!

Mom and Dad,
Ok, so I'm first going to answer your questions so that I don't forget this time and then I'll tell you more about my week! Time permitting of course...they have this little 30 minute countdown that is very stressful to continually look at. Oh well. Yes I did get your letters! I got Dad's letter the day after I sent you mine, and I got the package! Thank you so much! The MTC is good, but they don't pick out good kleenex! So thank you! And my district loved the was gone in about 20 minutes or less! You actually are getting something in the mail from them! They are so sweet! P-days aren't too exciting after the letter part. Basically just laundry and getting ready for the evening devotional. The devotional I heard is usually pretty good but I have to be honest...last week I nodded off a bit. They work us hard, it's impossible not to once in awhile! At least that's what I tell myself! Dad, when we teach investigators, it's volunteers from the community and they usually know Russian. So far we teach the first 10 minutes in Russian then the next 35 in English so it's not too bad. In about two weeks it will be 45 minutes in Russian! Then it should be interesting! I don't get to go to conference but you should definitely go to the Priesthood session(this is for Dad The MTC is having a choir and I hear it's amazing! Speaking of...I have to go to choir! Stop laughing, it's not funny! Sis. Margolies wants to go and I said I'd go with her so we wouldn't have to do a companion exchange. We'll see how it goes! Our new companion is actually coming tomorrow. Another mess up for the MTC. They were off by two weeks, not one! Which means we might have to switch rooms since there isn't room for her in ours. Right now we have four other roommates and they are all speaking Russian, going to different missions. I'm the only sister in the MTC right now that is going to Samara in 9 weeks! Crazy! We go to the temple every Tuesday morning so we just got back a little bit ago! It was really good, of course! And no Mom, no volleyball yet! I actually have started running with a sister in the Ukraine district, Sister Whitney. She's so sweet and we have a lot of fun together! Running is better than volleyball anyday! And less embarrassing for me! Ok, I think I answered all of them...if not I'll have time later to write a letter too! We have a lot of time during our laundry waiting period! So about this week! It's been good! I'm still not going to lie, Russian is way hard! It's easy to get frustrated and discouraged but you just keep pushing forward! I do have a little bit of a cold, nothing to worry about, just a little one, but it doesn't make for fun nights! If you could, whenever you have a chance, send some Alka Seltzer nightime? It's not a rush but the cold and flu is going around this place like wild fire and it'll be good to have it just in case! Two other elders in the district are sick and three roommates, so it was bound to happen! At least one of the elders tried to wear a mask...the picture is on it's way! It's pretty funny! I do have some pictures but not a lot! There really isn't a lot of time to take them, or things to take them of. We're in class most of the day and if we're not, then it's MDT(missionary directed time) which is where we're in charge of what we learn and how well we do. So really not time for pictures, but there are a few of them! Some are funny too! Not of me! My elders are pretty entertaining! Oh I saw Eston, and Aleta...I actually see her all the time! We all ran into each other at the fireside on Sunday and set a time to meet this Sunday at the temple for a picture to send to the ward! It'll be fun to have time to talk with them. Eston looks happy! And Aleta looks ready to go! I have to teach District meeting on Sunday(Sunday School). Yeah...I'll give you a guess on the topic, but you'll only need one....yep, the Atonement! Not that I'm not happy about it, but I'd rather have a topic that I don't think I'll bawl all the way through! It's just me! So that should be fun! Ok so I forgot one of the questions and it's an important one!...the MTC food...good or bad? Well, if you're asking Brittany, I would have to say it's the worst food I've tasted...bring on the borshe and meat jello cause it couldn't be much worse!! But if you are asking Sis. Wilson, well it's alright and I'm grateful for what I have! No but seriously it's bad. I don't see how elders gain weight! I've already lost weight! It's gross! Vending machines are good though! The weather is ok, still kinda warm outside, but cold at night! First day of fall is today so I'm hoping it cools down a little bit soon! It's not fun running in the heat! Hm....I'm trying to think of stories! I need to write them down through the week cause I always forget come Tuesday! The elders are still keeping me very entertained! It's amazing how many different ways, 19-year old, can entertain themselves. Yesterday our district leader, he's really cool so don't let this affect his image , tried to hold his breath til he turned purple. It almost worked...he had a bad headache afterwards, so he won't be doing that again! But for whatever reason, when it's been a discouraging day, that kinda makes me laugh! We're all really comfortable with each other, and we're working on the high five thing! We just don't understand why we can't, cause you have more contact shaking hands then you doing high fiving. But the Branch President said it's inappropriate for sisters and elders to high five, so we're working on it! We'll have it down in about 9 weeks! So it looks like my departure date is being switched to the 22nd of November. It'll proabably switch five times but I'll let you know as they tell me! I think that's all for time is getting really low so I better wrap it up! Thank you so much for your letters! It makes my day hearing from you! It's hard here, being away from everyone, but it's also an amazing place to be! When 2500 missionaries stand and sing Called to Serve in over 50 languages, there just isn't another place where you can feel that kind of spirit! And we heard a video clip from Elder Holland and he said, "Whenever you find yourself asking why is my mission not easier? why is this so hard? Remind yourself that someone grander asked those questions a long time ago, and keep on moving." It's amazing how much the Atonement blesses me life! I love you both so much! Take care and I can't wait to hear from you again! Love you!
Sister Wilson

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