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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

One month in the MTC!

Mom and Dad,

Ok, so you had a lot of questions this week which is great! So again, I'll try to answer all of those first! Sorry if it gets confusing! But first off, thank you so much for the package! The district loved it and another card is on the way to you from them! Thank you it was so amazing of you! Ok so for the questions...the gym was closed while they re-finished the floors which made all 2100 elders so excited that they couldn't play basketball, but its open again. Above the gym is a track and weight room with bikes and elipticals. It's pretty nice! Always something to do! No, the workout isn't for the district, just the girls...its actually a rule cause apparently there has been a problem in the past with "jogging" dates! It's ridiculous that had to be made a rule but it is! We workout everyday except Sunday and P-day for one hour. You don't get anymore time than other districts though, we're just in the MTC longer, that's all! We see our district on pday at the temple and of course when we all as a big happy family do laundry about awkward but its ok! They keep us entertained! We do stay in the same classroom through our stay here, same desks, but when the older district leaves next Monday we get their cushions! So excited! i can't believe we'll be the older district next week! Scary but so exciting! The spikes you sent should be fine! thank you very much! As for investigators, we have the same four, and they are all progressing! last night was another amazing lesson with Kereel(that's not how it looks in russian, but that's how it sounds). It's fake, but the spirit that comes is so not! it's amazing! The language is coming! :) When I look at the progress I make in a day, it gets discouraging, but when I look back on each week, it really is amazing how much the Lord can teach you! Still far, oh my goodness so far, from speaking it fluently or even close, but its coming! The weather finally turned a little colder. The sun still comes out, but we're using jackets now, so hopefully it'll snow soon! I know it sounds crazy but I'd like to kinda be somewhat familiar with the cold before going to Russia...maybe it'll help me adjust! :) I did get to see Jenna, actually about three times now! She's as adorable as ever and seems to be doing really good! Eston and Aleta left yesterday. I got to say goodbye to Eston like twice, and I saw Aleta in the morning but we didn't meet up again. They'll both be great! About my teachers...they're all amazing! Bro. Wood is my favorite only because it's more of a fun environment and not a strict one. Bro. Toone and Sis. Chenina are my other teachers and I love them too...they're just more serious than Bro. Wood. We just see them throughout the week according to their school schedules. they all go to BYU, so they're between the ages of 24-26, I think! :) Time is definitely going by fast! I can't believe a month of my mission is already over! Conference was amazing but I do have to admit that I fell asleep for about 5 minutes (same talk you had trouble with Mom :)) and woke up only cause Elder Windham was sitting next to me and he wanted to see my watch so he tapped me on the shoulder not knowing I was asleep. I made a nice little girly noise and was embarrassed for awhile until I looked around and like half the MTC was asleep! It had been a long
day! :) The MTC Choir was amazing! We watched it the next day and yes, Elder Bahr and Morris were there, along with a bunch of other elders we know! if you want to look for them, you can see them in the Called to Serve one! It was so powerful, we loved watching it! Ok, so onto some of my own questions...FHE on Tuesday? how did that happen, I quess my more interesting question is why did that happen? It's cool splits up the week more, but I'm worried about you do you watch NCIS? :) J/k! How's Max's job? Done yet, or should I not ask?! How is everything going?! I really do like hearing how everything at home is! Ok, so for what's going on here...well..on Friday night, a sister burnt popcorn and the firealarm went off, evacuating about 100 sisters at night onto the grass, right outside the elders residence. So you know, being the mature, 19-year old boys...sorry men...that they are, they viewed 100 sisters on the grass in their pj's as a Kodak moment! First time in my life I think I've seen as many flashes of cameras as a celebrity! It was all good though! So for conference, we all thought that Pres. Monson standing up to begin with and talking about people going on a mission was amazing! we were given a statistic here that it really sad. The mission department figured out that out of all the priesthood holders that can serve a mission, only 37% are actually doing it. That's pathetic...37% I'm sure is still an F on the grade scale! I wish there was a way to help people feel the spirit and the closeness to the Savior you only get while being his representative. We had a lesson in a large group meetin about our tags and the majority of everyone was crying. the teacher asked us how we felt about wearing the tag...and we were all really excited to do it! It feels so good to look down and see it! well he then gave a detailed description of how we're going to feel when out Stake Pres asked us to take it off, not to put it on again. I can't describe the emotion I felt, that after one month, I don't ever want to take this tag off! It's one thing to know that Christ is my Savior, it's a whole other thing to literally take upon His name in everything you do, and teach people, as an official representative of Christ himself! When the time comes, I'll be excited to come home, but after one month, I can tell you I will not be excited to be done. I wish that whoever is thinking they don't want to go on amission, who is able to go, could know that! Christ gave up His life for us, He's asked us to sacrifice only 2 years, or 18 months. It's not a lot, when you consider what He's done. Elder Holland said, "you'll never regret serving a mission, but if you don't go when you could've, you'll always regret it." I forgot my nametag this morning going to the temple, and when I realized it, I felt uncomfortable. people didn't know who I was, or who I representated and it bothered me. But once the tag went on, it was such an amazing feeling! I am so grateful for the opportunity He's given me to represent Him! And thank you both for all of the support you've given me to help me get here! I will always appreciate everything you do for me and I love both of you so much! i hope you're all doing good and I'll hopefully have time today to write! Take care!
Love, Sister Wilson

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