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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hello Again!!

Mom and Dad,
Ok, so I don't have all of your letters with me but I'll try and remember to answer all of your questions. But first for all the fun excitement we've been having the last week! I am no longer in a tripanionship. Last Thursday night they talked with Sis. Alexeenko, Elder Windham, and Elder Ortner and informed them they will all be moved into a new district. They all had previous Russian language experience and they took about 4 other missionaries and combined them so that they can learn at a different pace. We were all pretty upset cause our district got along so well and it was hard to watch three of them leave, but we're on missions and it's called a transfer...and the good thing about this kind of transfer is that they are all just right across the hall. But I do miss Sis. Alexeenko! I really loved being companions with her! She was so much fun! And we lost a teacher too...we only have Bro Wood and Toone now, but they are my favorites so that didn't affect me too much! and with only two teachers we have more personal study time! Which's needed! :) But it's ok. Change happens and we've actually had so much fun as a smaller district! We have more leg room and class :) And we are getting to know everyone better since there's less of us. So of course that means a new, and hopefully last district picture will be sent out of Thursday along with a bunch of other really fun ones! The older district left today so on Sunday we all went to the temple as a Zone and took tons of pictures! It was so fun! Ok so for the other thing! So excited! After I'm done emailing Sister Margolies and I get to move rooms!!! We'll be in a bigger, nicer room with Sis. Whitney and Sis. Kakouha(the only remaining sisters in the Zone)! We've been waiting for this for like well 5 weeks and we're so excited! We have ideas for scavengers hunts for our elders and holiday plans! Making decorations will be a fun night job! So with the old district leaving, it means next Wednesday the new ones come and we found out yesterday that there are going to be 21 new Russian speaking sisters between the two Russian Zones! 21! Right now we only have 12! They are almost doubling our amount of sisters which is great!
So Elder Bangerter and Elder Noren are the new Zone leaders! They are so good! I love all of the elders in our district! :) You'll see why in the pictures! And thank you thank you thank you for the package and the pictures! The elders love you so much! And they downed that beef jerky! They all said it was the best they ever had and Elder Bangerter said that's saying something cause he's a huntin' man! :) So if you ever make it again, and have leftovers, I'd love some! I didn't even get a piece before it was gone! But seriously you're both amazing! We appreciate the packages so much! You have no idea! 12 weeks is a long time and we definitely have our down days and things like that always pick us up! So thank you! Ok so I'm so happy for Daniel!!! That's awesome! I'm so excited for him! That made my day yesterday! Ok, so to answer some questions...yeah we have some culture classes...not a lot though. But we've definitely learned some things that we can't do, like put anything on the floor. If you put the scriptures on the floor, even if it's carpet, they get very offended. And we can't sit on the ground, you have to squat or stand. Apparently the old wives tale is if you sit on the ground you go sterile, and the Babuska's(grandma's) yell at you! sitting on the ground for me! I have a feeling we'll experience enough yelling in Russia! :) Oh and if you stand against a wall and your foot is against it instead of on the ground, that means you're a call good things to know! I'm not a call girl, and I don't want to be sterile, so the culture classes were a success! At the temple this morning I met a lady who said I looked familiar to her. We found out that her son served on Whidbey Island when I was in high school. Elder Carr. The name sounds so familar but I can't put a face with it! So maybe you'll know! :) Tell Brandi that I did get her cookies in the mail! And I loved them, and of course so did the elders! They pretty much think my family is amazing! So do I! :) What about the Russian tomatoes? Anything ever happen with them? Apparently they have pink tomatoes in Russia! Exciting! Oh I saw Chris Chord yesterday! It was wierd! We saw each other and took a second to realize we knew each other! I almost hugged him but stopped right beforehand...something to get used to! He said he's know seen Devin, Aleta, and me. He works there now, so that's cool! Well I better get going! I'll write you a letter later today with more stories, but I just never have time in 30 minutes! Thank you so much for everything you do! You're both amazing! I couldn't have asked for better parents! I love you both so much! Take care!
Sister Wilson

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