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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Transfer Call!!

So its been an eventful week and this one will be too...Saturday we got the transfer call, not too big of a surprise there. Sis. Pitchforth is headed down to Saratov to train and Sis. Lednova will be with me in this area! I'm so excited! I loved working with her each time I did, but it was always for a short amount of time! So it'll be a lot of funactually being her companion. She goes home with me on the same day. This week, the new sister will be here tomorrow evening, and will be with us in Samara, then training at the office for her the next morning, and then that night the two of them will leave on a train, I will be with the other Samara sisters til Thur morning where we will then go to Zone conference, and I'll finally have a companion! :) It was so confusing to get all of that, but we think we have it right now. This week is Zone confer, like mission conf last year but not as big. It's still two days,but not with the whole mission, just two zones instead of three. It'll be fun to see everyone, even though there are somany new missionaries I won't know a lot of them..yeah like last year, just backwards! ;) But yeah its a busy week...I can't wait til Saturday where it'll be a normal missionary day! BUt Sis. Pitchforth did give3 me a great going away present...SHE FELL! It was last monday night and it was when she was talking to an older couple...she just plopped right down on the ice...I would love to say I'ma better person than her and that I immediately helped her up but Ican't....I was laughing so hard, and so was the couple. but the man helped herupso all is good! She was pretty mad with herself, cause she didn't want to fall in front of me...but oh well...she did! I'll miss her that's for sure, but I'm also super excited to work with Sis. LednovA! We're still working with the young girl I told you about (the former investigator) she fasted this week for an answer and she';s doing really good! Well I better get going. I love you all so much! Take care this week and I'll write again later1! :)
Sister Wilson

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